At some point during the journey from handyman to being an academically trained designer I began creating furniture for clients, friends and family.
Naturally, my craft has evolved over time, and I find myself shying away from some of the early pieces that I made. Here is a selection of items reflective not only of the craftsmanship put into them, but also of the design choices that are representative of my personal style. In recent years I have been working within a hybrid environment of traditional practices and digital manufacturing technologies, such as CNC milling, laser cutting, and 3D printing. To put it briefly, my aim is to utilize the digital space in order to make things which have intrinsic crafted value.

Gallery benches for Hansen House in Jerusalem.

Television console: oak top/bottom and painted MDF sides and media shelf, with acrylic sliding doors.

Reception desk for Hansen House: cherry top with cherry veneer sides and walnut accents.

Turntable console: oak cabinet with a floating turntable shelf and ridges for displaying records, mounted on a steel frame.

Television console: floating oak slabs on a black steel frame.

Walnut coffee table: In the ‘Russian’ style, per my customer’s request, meaning a tall coffee table, inspired by American Craftsman design.

Round dinner table: oak top with steel base