I am a critically minded individual, and I believe that design is a platform that should be used to affect change. On this page you will find several works that utilize design to make a statement about the world.

Jewish or Democratic (2023)
Co-designed with ceramic artist Shira Silverston and displayed as part of the Plates for Democracy exhibit at Beit Binyamini, Tel Aviv, this set of 2 plates responds to the attempted judicial overhaul by the current Israeli government. As observant Jews might maintain two sets of dishes for dairy and meat as per Kosher restrictions, so do the plates signify an observant liberal need for the separation of the State of Israel's Jewish and Democratic identities. This is achieved by the dissection of the State's national emblem into either of its distinct symbols: the menorah as a symbol of Jewish fundamentalism and the twin olive branches as a symbol for peace.

An Expedited Naturalization Kit for Entry into the State of Israel (2022)
In response to the draconian restrictions set forth by the State of Israel towards Ukrainian refugees fleeing conflict zones, I designed a tongue-in-cheek kit for an expedited naturalization process. Within the kit are the ceremonial tools for performing a bris.

Throwing Stones (2022)
Made for the Passover season, this work encapsulates the inconsolable differences between Jews who observe kosher restrictions during the holiday and those who reserve their right not to do so. In the public sphere these two worlds exist in conflict with one another, as observant Jews prefer not to see the strife of their secular neighbors. Certain zealous secular activists, on the other hand, seem to forget how easy it is to live and let live during the holiday period.

Arms Race (2022)
Photos: Nadav Goren
This work was done in response to the killing of Al Jazeera journalist Shireen Abu Akleh. After her death there arose a heated forensics debate about the bullet that killed her. Ironically, the question ‘where did the bullet come from?’ is in itself wielded as a form of ammunition in the propaganda war between Israel and Palestine, which goes on to perpetuate even more senseless acts of violence.