Since 2020 I have been working for Bezalel Design Academy at their Hansen House campus in Jerusalem. Hansen House is a cultural center with several gallery spaces, and being the workshop manager there 
meant that I also served frequently as a resident Industrial Designer for some of these exhibits. For the past 3 years I have worked alongside artists and curators designing and manufacturing auxiliary pieces for exhibits, or consulting on and fabricating some of the installation pieces themselves. In actuality, my experience with exhibition work predates my time at Hansen House, as I worked alongside designers and curators in my capacity as a handyman and as a carpenter.

Additionally, much of my MDes focused on the curatiorial and architectural aspects of exhibitng my own works. These skills were put to use not only during my studies, but also while exhibting my own work outside of academia, such as during Jerusalem Design Week 2022.

Jerusalem Design Week 2022: Bringing design waste to the forefront of JDW, we built a pavilion made of scaffolding and entirely from the production’s waste materials. All materials were handed out to visitors at the end of the week. The space served other designers to come and utilize the materials in producing furniture for the JDW grounds.
Photos: Dor Kedmi

Hansen_10: Celebrating 10 years of cultural activities at Hansen House with a graphic design exhibit of all the logos and posters presented over the past decade. The logo display (in addition to the small poster souvenir stand) was designed paramterically by myself and the exhibit producers, and manufactured by myself using CNC and laser cutting technologies.
Photos: Dor Kedmi

Photo: Dor Kedmi
Bezalel Academy MDes Graduate Exhibition: This space was designed to display my MDes thesis, which was comprised of several different media, such as a centerpiece, wall pieces, small physical objects, and a video projection. For this display I was working within the limitations and in coordiation with the exhibition curators, who were taking into consideration the needs of 20 or so different graduates.

Display case for artist Guy Goldstein. The case is made of tinted acrylic sheets set within an oak wood and a black aluminium frame. The aluminium stock comes together with 3D printed PLA connectors I desigined specifically for this project. At the back of the installation is a sheet of birch plywood which I also milled for Guy’s exhibit.
Photos: Tal Nissim.

Wrapping Memory is an initiative by the Department of Visual Communication at Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design Jerusalem. This project aims to capture and commemorate the beauty of the region of the Gaza Envelope as it was before the tragic morning of October 7th 2023, and is dedicated to raising money for the people who were effected by that day. Hansen House has collaborated with the project to set up a pop-up shop, where visitors can receive prints of the illustrations participating in the project in exchange for their donations. Photos: Ricky Rachman.

Gallery bench produced for designer Valeri Bolutin for Petach Tikva Art Museum. 
Exhibit space produced for designer Naama Agasi for her display at Fresh Paint art fair in Tel Aviv.